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Acer Laptop Service Centre, gwiriwch laptop gyda gwarant swyddogol

There have been many  cer laptop service centres  scattered throughout the regions in Indonesia. This is for the convenience of loyal customers of our products. So if you need services for some of our products, you just need to find  the nearest cer service point  around you.

Service centres are already available in several major cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Aceh, Medan and others.  You can find our service stores in the nearest city.   There are many types of services offered at our service points, such as cleaning units, software control and action in relation  to customer complaints.

Because it has been founded since 1976, Acer products can be said to be a legendary brand among other brands. Therefore, the work of improving service for all customer needs will be done as well as possible. Of unquestionable quality, it does not mean that Acer products do not avoid injury.

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Don’t worry if your  Acer laptop or notebook  product is damaged. You can send a complaint directly to our customer service by phone or go directly to the nearest service store. Previously, you can also do a self-check whether your  laptop  has an official guarantee or not, here’s how.

Acer Laptop Service Centre, os gwarantir yn swyddogol mae sticer

The first way to check whether your  laptop   has an official warranty or not is very easy, just check it at the end. Whether or not there’s a warranty sticker, it’s under your laptop. It’s very easy to identify, stickers are usually holograms so it’s very difficult to forge.

So there’s no need to worry about whether the warranty sticker is false or not. This can also be done  when buying our products, make sure you always check whether you have the official warranty sticker or not. So, later, it will make it easier when you need a service that can benefit from our official guarantee request.

If you’re not sure yet, you can take your laptop to the  nearest  Acer laptop service center. Ask the worker at the service there for help checking if the sticker is an official sticker. This is nothing but making sure the glue is valuable.

Of course, any Acer product sold at an official distributor in Indonesia will have this glue. Check carefully if there is a sticker on the bottom to make sure there is an official sign. There’s nothing wrong with making sure of him instead of regretting the future.

Check the Website of the Acer Laptop Service Centre in your browser

To check the official warranty of your  Acer  product in addition to checking the hologram sticker, if you are not satisfied or are not sure either.  You can check directly through the website or website that we provide to make the laptop warranty status in question. This is to provide ease of service.

Especially with circumstances like the epidemic right now, if you’re still not sure to get out of the house. This can be done by checking through the website if you are still afraid to leave the house and interact with the outside world. With this warranty control site, it aims to provide quick and easy access.

You can check through the site  to check and make sure of that. After opening, there will be some sub-menus, choose the warranty control sub-menu. If you’ve filled it with the serial number of your notebook or laptop. To find the laptop’s serial number, it can be found at the end.

If you have correctly completed the serial number column with the one listed at the bottom of the laptop. Click submitted to continue the guarantee verification process. As  well as visiting Acer’s laptop service centre directly, this can also be done to make sure if you have an official guarantee.

Kontrollo Acer Laptop Service Center Warranty nëpërmjet SMS

As well as checking through the Acer website or official page, you can also check by sending via short message or SMS. In fact, this method via SMS sounds very outdated, but there is nothing wrong with using this method. It may be due to certain circumstances that can only be checked via SMS.

No one knows what’s going to happen in the future, that’s nothing but for Acer product customers to get comfortable. This same method can be considered unpopular, but if the situation is when there is no internet connection available this method will be appropriate to try.

The method is very easy, simply press the “SN(space) serial number of the laptop” and simply send it to the number 0811982237. Where the number is specifically intended for this matter. Just give credit to send only one SMS to send it. This doesn’t require an internet connection.

If the laptop you have is officially authorized, then by sending a short message, the status will be known whether it is official or not. It’s just  a matter of waiting to work it out.

But a guarantee is essential to prevent this. There’s nothing wrong with having an tent ready before it rains. To check what can be obtained from the warrant can be searched on the official Acer website. Besides the three ways above, there’s another way to try  .

Check The Acer Laptop Service Centre With Guarantee Card

This way of control is in fact the most common and frequent way to do it. This is checking through the guarantee card received. In   addition, this same card will definitely be required from  Acer’s  laptop service center before applying. This card is included when you buy a new unit.

Along with some complementary documents in the laptop unit. It’s very easy to identify this card of course, and also on the card there is a derogatory number according to the unit you have. You can be sure if the card is held and owned, you can apply when necessary.

But keep in mind, the official Ecer guarantee should be manually activated. So it’s not immediately automatic. You can make a list from your laptop  to start activating the warranty. Not all stores will activate the warranty, so you should double check that it is registered.

There are some ways to register, the first is that it can be done by sending a guarantee card and sheet-bill when you make purchases at Jakarta’s Acer Customer Service Centre. In addition, you can also scan both sheets and send an email to

You can also register independently through  Acer’s official page. Choose under the guarantee registration menu on the page. Make sure the data is accurate and accurate and then turn it over. Remember to make sure the guarantee card is properly fulfilled.

We as buyers should be careful to choose a product as no one knows what will happen to the unit of  your choice later. Hardware and programs are guaranteed. Especially for software only applies to pre-installed Windows.

If a problem occurs, you should first know the details of the problem experienced, such as later if there is a complaint that there are no errors in the report. After that, don’t hesitate to take him to the nearest exit to your city. Our Acer Laptop Service  Centre  will offer the best customer service.