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Contact and address aPlice Service Center throughout Indonesia

The OnePlus service center is the most suitable place for all smartphone users with this brand if they experience various issues. OnePlus itself is a subsidiary of Oppo which is also a well-known smartphone manufacturer today in the world. The company, which originated in  China, began to present its products on the market in 2014.

The first smartphone released in 2014 was the One series that is equipped with Snapdragon’s 800 series chipsets . At the beginning of sales, this series has not been able to attract the attention of many people .  After some time, many people began to be interested in this new smartphone until sales reached more than a million units at the end of 2014.

The next smartphone release did not have as much success as the previous series. The OnePlus 2 feels like it doesn’t have a mature enough preparation, so it’s far from a success. This series has some improvements to certain features like battery, fingerprints, and other things.  The increase has led to the fact that the price of this mobile phone has also increased quite a bit compared to previous ones.

After these two series, more precisely the OnePlus 5 quality of the features offered is widely developed quickly.  Starting many people are interested in trying it immediately because the best features can be followed at a relatively low price.  The rapid development of OnePlus has prompted many people from different parts of the world to use it, including Indonesia.

Not a few Indonesians try to use this brand of smartphone. One of the reasons, of course, is from the affordable price.   If you have become one of the users, there are several things that need to be known in detail. One of the important pieces of information concerns the contacts and addresses of the service centres  around your home.   Here is more information about these places.

Contact and address for OnePlus Service Center Jakarta and West Java

Special Capital Region (DKI) jakarta has a fairly large population. This has led to many head offices in the area. One of them is the oneplus head office which is also located in Jakarta. The office is located at Jalan Letjen Suprapto Pusat or more precisely the cempaka mas Blok P store complex with telephone number 021 42870262.

In addition to the head office, there are several service center locations in several major cities in Indonesia to meet the needs of users other than jakarta.   In the Tangerang or Bintaro area you can find it in the boutique house kebayoran Arcade 2 Blok B2. The location is masuk into pondok jaya area, Tangerang and you can also contact him by phone to the number 021 29511850.

Bandung as the capital of West Java province is also one of the cities that has an official OnePlus repair site.   The place is located at Naripan Street  number 109 B by phone 022 4230424.   As a big city,  Bandung also has many residents,  including simple children who are the most consumers of OnePlus compared to other circles.

Purwarkata, which is also part of West Java, also provides a place to help all OnePlus consumers when they experience problems with their mobile phones.  You can go directly to the site on Jalan Jendral Sudirman number 216 and by phone to 0264 231784.  Before going to him, you can call first to confirm some things.

Contact and address of OnePlus Service Center Central Java and Yogyakarta

The central Java area also has a population not inferior to DKI Jakarta. The large area makes the distribution of the population of central Java more evenly distributed than other Indonesian provinces.     As the provincial capital, Semarang is certainly the largest and most complete city compared to others.  Naturally, you can find a place to repair this Chinese smartphone in the area.

Ruko Karang Turi Blok G located on Jalan MT Haryono is the location of the onePlus service center.  You can contact by phone first at 024 8314056 if you have any questions before deciding to visit the place.  Of course, to get directly it is necessary to adapt to the opening hours or often referred to as office working hours.

The next famous second city in  Central Java is Solo.  Of course, many people have heard or visited the city with its batik characteristics.    As a resident or immigrant to the city of Solo, you can officially repair the cell phone Matahari Singosaren and go directly to the cobra cellules on the 2nd floor.  The number that can be contacted is 0271 7059007.

Gudeg City or Yogyakarta Special Region is a province that has an area that is not too large, but has a fairly large population. The area is quite crowded also due to the large number of students studying.  The place to repair OnePlus smartphones is Ruko Jogja Town House Jalan Sorowajan Baru 0274 4535079.

Contact and address for OnePlus Service Center East Java and surrounding Bali

Surabaya, which is included in the 10 largest cities in Indonesia, is absolutely complete in various sectors of life, including technology.   When it comes to technology where to repair is very important.    Therefore, you can also find repair locations for mobile phones from this Oppo subsidiary at Maspion Square Mastech Block F11  Shophouse and tel 0312 8877911.

Near Surabaya you can also find the office in Malang city by going directly to The Soekarno Hatta Street area, Plot 3 by calling 0341 410393.   Apart from these two cities, you  can also find it at Jalan Bhayangkara No 89, Mojokerto. The phone that can be contacted at Mojokerto is 0321 324917.

For those of you who live or are in the area around Bali and need the services of the onePlus service center, you can visit Ruko Teuku Umar No 8 Jalan Blok Umar or call 0361 225678.  While the Lombok area is located in Cakranegara Jalan Panca Usaha number 21C and named 0370 639702.

Contact and address of OnePlus Service Center Sumatra

Around the island of Sumatra there are also several official OnePlus repair centers that you can visit directly.     Currently, the number is actually smaller than that on java island, but Sumatra is still more compared to other major Indonesian  islands.

In the northernmost area of Sumatra there is a OnePlus service center in Aceh City with the address Jalan Teuku Panglima Polem No 35-37. This place is located in the Banda Aceh area and can also be contacted through number 0651 28899.  All your smartphone problems can be solved if you visit the place. The repair process will be carried out in the office directly if it is not necessary to be sent to the center.

The next repair place not far from Aceh is in Medan City with the address of Simpang Pasar area precisely at Ruko Panjang No 3 Jalan Ringroad.  As elsewhere, there is a telephone that can be contacted directly, namely 061 77060091.   Questions or check the repair process can be asked first by calling him.

The last city of Sumatra to have a repair center is Lampung and can be located on Jalan Diponegoro No 82B Ruko Starsel, Teluk Betung. Another way to get  the information for those of you who are in Lampung is to call 0721 473445 and will directly connect with the city’s repairman.

Although the smartphone used is not made in Indonesia, you do not have to worry if you experience various problems. There are many places you can go to solve all these problems.  Of course, the best place for you to do repairs is just the OnePlus service center.

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