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Lenovo service centre checks the accuracy of its location easily


As one of the big brands, lenovo service centers verifying the accuracy of its location are very common;this brand, which is known for technology, already has a global marketplace.The most famous products are personal computers, tablets to smartphones.

Products from the Lenovo brand are really good in terms of specificity, but not many people have an interest in them. This is because the product is still lower than other brands. Despite the low price offer, this brand is still difficult to attract the attention of many in Indonesia.

Another problem is because the brand is considered to have few service facilities. It’s only available in big cities like Jakarta and it’s very difficult for owners in small areas. This reason makes many people don’t want to risk buying it. When there is a mistake, it will certainly be difficult to repair.

Meanwhile, if you force repairs at other service centers, there may be other problems. For example, you cannot claim a product guarantee due to damage. This is really hard for the owner to get into sudden trouble. Therefore, Lenovo’s C enter service checks the accuracy of its location to solve the problem.

Get to know the product from Lenovo Brand

Lenovo has long existed in Indonesia and supplied products. Some of the most popular are personal computers, mobile phones, and tablets. Thepresence of nya is enough to diversify competition for the technology market in Indonesia; offering low prices for benefits attracts the attention and desire of others to buy.

The prices offered for each product of this technology are very different. In general, some are offered at a low price to get a lot of customers. But the detail of each product is not low on other brands. Low prices but for quality problems can be pitted with other large technology brands in Indonesia.

But despite offering low prices with high specifications, Lenovo is still little competition. This is because there is a lack of official service facilities built in Indonesia. Just a few people and it was built for a big city. The problem of the service centre is even if it is important for the sake of the future.

Therefore, checking the Lenovo Service Center to check the accuracy of its location is important . Especially if these products are used there are technical issues such as sudden death;of course, bringing it to the center will be safer and the spare part guarantee can be enjoyed.

Many Lenovo service centres

Where does the service center stand? There may be a lot of questions like this because most people have difficulty finding them. Lenovo’s service center checks the accuracy of its own location actually not only in Jakarta. but in fact, the presence of service centers is only available in the surrounding areas of Jakarta such as Tangerang, Bekasi, and Depok.

  1. Jakarta

For those of you in Jakarta, you definitely don’t have to worry about the service center. In east Jakarta, the location of Lenovo’s service center can be assured. Some shops provide these services, even if not many will visit at this point. You can meet him at pgc or Junction.


  1. Tangerang

SDC Mall Serpong is a Lenovo service center to verify the accuracy of its location in  Tangerang.This site can be used to repair damage to damage to damaged laptops, mobile phones, or tablets.Of course, this site operates every day in certain hours because it is still an epidemic.While the costs usually vary depending on the damage.


  1. Depok

For Lenovo users in the Depok area and its surroundings, ITC Depok can be a visitable place. It is definitely located on the 3rd floor and is very easy to find because the location is easy to see. If you want to go there, you can only call 021-6634-7726 during the working hours and the day.


  1. Bekasi

As one of the buffer areas of the capital, Bekasi also provides the Lenovo Service Center to verify the accuracy of its location.Even here you can find more than 1 location, first at Mega Bekasi Mall and second at Metropolitan Mall.Both are easy to find because they are obvious.


  1. Kalimantan

In addition to the area around Jakarta, the service center is also built off java island. Unfortunately, the place is only on the island of Calemantan. Although there are many cities here that provide services such as Bali kpapan to Samarinda. Only big cities in each province can find a service center.

How to find an official Lenovo certificate

After doing a Lenovo service center, checking the accuracy of the site, then knowing in advance the type of guarantee of the equipment you have.Although there is a formal guarantee there are many types of guarantees that go through the deadline.Later this will make it difficult because additional costs are needed when repaired.

There are many ways that can be done to look at the warranty period in the product. The guarantee period is a time limit on which repairs can be carried out without spending money. The first is a check through the official website of lenovo. Visit Lenovo Mobile and then have a conversation later.

Fill in the conversation with the Number of IMEI of products you have. For example, if you want to repair your phone, then first check out the phone’s IMEI code. Later after you enter the conversation, you can move on to the next step. Remember not to enter the wrong IMEI number code.

The next step is to click on the Check Warranty Period button. Wait a while and then the details will appear to the phone product. There is complete information such as the purchase date, the expiration, to the phone regulations. So it’s easy to recognize when the warranty period ends when you want to repair the phone.

There’s something unique about Lenovo’s service center checking the accuracy of its location, that is the tolerance of the time limit of the warranty.When it enters a limited period and no longer guarantees, but the service center provides resilience for 1 month.So during this period of tolerance, you can still enjoy the facilities.

Information on guaranteed policy services

Each brand and company must have its own guarantee dispensary policy. The same goes for Lenovo, which has some policy services. There are many service policies that all users of Lenovo products need to understand. These policies can be in the form of a spare part, the length of time for repairing products, to a special guarantee policy.

For example, during his repair period; the repair time is usually adjusted to queue and generally takes 7 days of work.This means that if you hand over your phone or computer on Monday then you will take it the next Monday, but it can be faster depending on the level of damage.

There is also a policy on the management of guaranteed services. Once you have made a product modification, whether adding or digesting the ingredients will have an impact on repair. Any componentoutside of the coverage of the warranty will not receive the facilities from the service center’s official warranty service.

Lenovo is one of the many new technology products. It’s just that having a younger service center makes it less attractive to most people. Although Lenovo’s service center checks the accuracy of the site can be done , the site is only in the big city.

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