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JNE Call Center, Record Number and Service

Information about JNE call  centers  can be highly sought after when you send or receive goods using JNE but the products do not reach. JNE is one of the freight forwarding services that to this day is still widely used as an option.

Of course, having affordable package prices to make delivery on time are some of the reasons why so far JNE still has many loyal users even though there are many similar services on the market.

To date, JNE has been one of the leading delivery service options in Indonesia. JNE even has hundreds of offices spread across Indonesia, even in various cities. JNE continues to expand its network.

JNE’s services have also made progress since the company’s inception, JNE not only serves product delivery during the regular period, but also has other delivery services ranging from expression to economically standardized services. To improve customer service, JNE even has a JNE call center ready to help you.

JNE Logistics Service at a Glance

JNE is the world’s largest freight forwarding company, in fact it already has up to thousands of agents today. Thousands of these agents have spread across Indonesia. Unlike other shipping services, which have lower product weight requirements, JNE does not have a lower product limit. Founded in 1990, JNE started its operations with only 8 employees.

JNE’s initial capital of €100 billion, initially this company only handled import and export activities, for example, such as export imports of goods, documents and customs. Shipments are also made from abroad to the country.

After a year of establishment JNE finally began to expand its roots to internationals and joined the courier’s corporate association, until finally JNE focused on the local market and achieved very rapid development. In 2002 JNE purchased the building as its headquarters.

Services provided by JNE are also increasing, this is why JNE call centers are also getting fuller, you can’t send regular REG packages. Various JNE-owned services such as express, super speed. YES, OKE, JNE Trust Card, Money Payments, JNE Pick up, land transport, maritime transport, JNE Equipment, warehouse and many others.

While some companies experience 10% annual growth, JNE has the potential to achieve 20% growth potential. This is also due to various techniques and innovations owned by JNE such as access to media to track products, products having transportation insurance to the existence of a rubber pickup method.

JNE Call Center Phone Number

A call center is a service with a very large and important role, even a call center is a means of communication that connects companies with consumers. Likewise with  a JNE-owned call center. Unlike other companies, JNE has a call center service that is very fast and responsive.

This call center service is provided to support customer convenience. You can contact JNE call center services whenever and anywhere you need it, even while abroad. This call center service is also not only intended for loyal JNE customers.

This call center service is also intended for potential customers to find out more about JNE services, so contacting the call center is the most appropriate step before coming to the JNE branch office, so record the JNE call center properly.

JNE’s customer service is at (021) 29278888. While the office number from JNE is at (021) 566 5262, and Fax (021) 5671413. You can also contact JNE via email at customercare@jne.co.id, so choose an easy way to contact JNE services.

In addition to having a call center number, JNE also has a customer service center that will later help yousolve problems. You canreach out to Joni and file your complaint. Subsequently, complaints will be responded to quickly and responsively.

In addition to the call center, to inquire about package problems, you can call the JNE office that matches your regional location or depending on your city. Usually, so that you can get clarity on whether or not the package can be taken, or solve the problems associated with the product package.

Services provided by JNE Call Center

Like other corporate call centers, there are various services and complaints that you can convey through this call center. First, the call center serves storage for pickup. If you want to send a product through JNE and want a courier to pick up the product, you can place the pickup through the call center.

Second, when you want to know the details of products and services. If you wish to know information about products and services owned by JNE, you can contact JNE call center,  later customer service will describe all products and services owned and can be adjusted to your current needs.

Third, look for shipping rate information. Before sending a product, we will definitely know what shipping rates should be paid, so as not to be mistaken, you can ask directly to the call center, especially if the product is a large package, it will be calculated according to the appropriate amount.

Fourth, know the status of transportation. Of course, we can now track packages that are easily sent online, but sometimes the tracking experience delays updating, if this happens, you can contact the call center and ask for clarification on the location of the final package.

Finally, for complaints and filing claims. If you are using one of the services but the package is not reaching, you can make a complaint, so that later the package is placed first and quickly to the destination where it was sent. In addition, you can also submit a claim when the package is lost, provided you must have insured it.

Tips for Calling the JNE Call Center

JNE has a lot of customers, so sometimes the call center gets busy and you have to wait a long time. To avoid something like this happening, there are some tips you can do. First, avoid contact during peak hours. Try contacting in the early hours of the morning, avoid contact during office breaks.

Second, ensuring loans are adequate. If you’re using your cell phone to call, make sure you come back if you have enough credit, this is to avoid being disconnected from the phone and you have to repeat the details from the beginning again, especially if you want to complain at the JNEem call center.

Third, be sure to record receipts. Avoid calling the call center directly if you want to make a complaint or know the delivery status of the product. You can record the receipt first and then contact the call center, this is done so that a lot of time is not wasted.

Cases related to product delivery will definitely be immediately monitored by JNE customer service, so you don’t have to worry if the package doesn’t arrive or wants to file an insurance claim. As long as all the procedures are done correctly, the JNE call center will definitely help you happily.

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