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Many processed meats, particularly for side dishes, can be used as heavy food, one of  which is the distinctively delicious meat of West Javarbanton For most people living in the West Java area, understanding the taste and texture of the meat is considered one of the favorite dishes there.

For those of you who want to find food from different regions, we strongly recommend trying a proportion of meat from Benton, but before that it is easy in Benton. You have to see how the differences between the vegetables that can be found and the rheumatoid arthritis, the three foods essentially use the same basic ingredients called beef.

If you look deeper into the sandwich gives you additional spices to strengthen the flavour of the dish, it is very appropriate, so surely a popular dish As a beef-based dish, Benton’s West Javanese meat food has its own fan section because of its unique taste.

Because it is one of the large meat-made foods, the three have almost similar fabrics because they are heavy and delicious when eaten with rice However, while the characteristics are almost identical, the three foods have a wide variety of fabrics and flavors to keep up with everyone’s taste.

Popularity of all processed meat in Benton County

In restaurants or restaurants, there is a list of meat used in food stores or restaurants. They have their own food because they are completely different, but certainly the food has its own taste when  discussing the meat-eating method of West Javarbanton.

So it’s no surprise that many people are looking for meat-flavoured dishes when visiting Benton, because it is easy in food stalls or street restaurants Because it can be found, this food is so popular with locals and out of town that popular dishes will become even more famous if they are too easy to find anywhere.

In addition to other processed meats, such as ribbons, gipuches, hype, and fishpes, you can easily find them there. There are plenty of meat choices available to look at, but while the usual expression of West Java Benton is still managed, it is a  key place to try when visiting the site.

If you look deep into the processed beef, it is certainly the most popular besides the fish processed when visiting Benton. There are signs of dishes dominated by fish, yet in essence processed meat is one of the most popular dishes in the West Java region.

Recessed Recessed Recipe E Dsymptoms have West Java Benton

Residents of West Java themselves have food characteristics that are spicy and a little tasty. They also really like the fresh vegetables used as vegetables, from which you can conclude that meat is actually a popular dish.

When discussing meat, it is  thought to be a projected processed process for the proportion of west Java Benton’s meat, but other processed meats such as vegetables and rabets Did you know that there are also meat-related characteristics- both have their own characteristics in three vegetables using key ingredients of meat and coconut milk?

In terms of taste, the three dishes are highly dependent on spices used to strengthen the flavor of beef dishes, and coconut milk is also very important as a key ingredient because it can taste good in three meats.

In addition to coconut milk, the body part of the cow also seriously affects the final outcome of this dish, and West Javan meat will be able to use the upper thigh perfectly Rabbit dish, on the other hand, has a different basic information, and Rabat himself essentially uses brisket and gandic ingredients as key components of the meat used in the dish.

However, you must know that most of the products made for vegetables use beef, such as thighs, for mainstream items, and the brisket itself is part of the cow, and near the sheet is on the chest The bull itself is part of the bull, and then the ganik itself is for the bull itself, whose meat quality is almost like the front thighs but still gives a different structure.

How to process West Javan Benton’s usual Empal meat is that pampers have a tongue

To manage the technique for West Java Benton’s regular meat, you first need to prepare basic components and seasons. Prepare to taste gram galander, 8 grams of tarmac, water and salt. Don’t forget to prepare 500 grams of meat as a cooked main component.

Continue the management process, and after setting that color aside, season the corridor with a short period of spice to change the color. Remember that it makes it crisp and makes two vegetables pure as part of a good taste, and until it looks smooth, dry with tamaris with about one and a half cups of salt with almost a cup of tea.

After a good smell of Benton West Javan’s meat,  he  went on to a previously boiled meat cutting section, cutting off the apartment in the direction of the beef fibers. The objective of rubbing is to absorb the taste of previous fine fragrances and highlight the taste of Bunton’s usual meat.

Then rinse the perfumes for a while until they are fragrant, and continue to provide enough water with spices and sugar, and at least 10 minutes to reduce water. Don’t forget that it contains nice waiting, advance meat, then dry and eat meat, and guarantee that it will taste very soft for home-cooked dishes.

Benton’s signature meat beef Empal is a favourite dish of many

West Java Benton’s previously processed meat can be used to make a regular expression of West Java Benton , although the ingredients are simple and simple. In fact, many are willing to go to Benton to taste this one directly from the town where the food is available.

Nor are few people open to business outside the city by relying on their ability to process Benton’s regular meat dishes. Its unique taste It can attract people from outside the city to taste one of these unique dishes, as well as at food festivals, which is often seen and enjoyed by most visitors to the festival.

Everyone really has their own taste of meat produced from both soup and dry dishes. If you’re one of the people who likes soup vegetables, Benton’s signature There’s nothing wrong with tasting inscribed meat- even if it’s  widely circulated on the internet you  want to easily cook your own western Javanese meat.

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