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Telkomsel Credit transfer method, guaranteed to fail

The Telkomsel credit transfer method  this time  will be useful when necessary in urgent   or urgent situations.   When you can’t leave home or when it’s midnight where  counters sell credit and  minimarkets are closed.   The solution is to send credit from your colleagues or family  .

The transaction has now been provided from starting pack  suppliers in Negara  .   With a wide range of brands such as  Simpati, AS, and LOOP.   This transaction can be done quickly and truly; because of this convenience, this approach is sought by many people  .

In providing a full range of services to customers  , Telkomsel provides a range of features to help facilitate this delivery.   Where the credit balance from someone with a greater income can be sent to a user in need  .   So there’s no need to go far to find a counter  or minimarket.

Just ask for help from a close friend or family to send the balance to your number.      Of course all transaks I want some  pe r  conditions  that have to be known first.  Included in the process of sending transactions on  Telkomsel cards.   Pay close attention and caution to the following regulations.

Requirements needed before starting Telkomsel credit transfer method

Terdapat certain requirements and information must be known by you so that  the exchange can  later  be operated smoothly  without any problems.   It is therefore important to pay attention to these regulations before the transaction  .  The first requirement  is that the number of senders must be at least 4 days during  the period of its actions.

The sender is certainly required to be in an active period  , but the recipient of the balance can be in the grace period  .    The  number of transactions ranged from $5 billion to  $1 million per transaction.   To that number itself is limited to a maximum  of 250  transactions per day.  For recipients,  their  own active period is not affected.

Especially for recipients when in the middle of the grace period        ,   they cannot use the balance of transaction results before extending the active period or by applying               the maximum balance themselves   .   So basically the recipient to be able to use the credit from the transfer must be in the active period          .

The amount of credit submitted does not affect the amount of subsequent sender usage, which calculates only the transfer fee by name.   For the deferred fee, it depends on the amount sent.  For a total of 5000 to 19 thousand, there is an additional burden of 1850 rupiah.

Of the next 20 thousand people will be paid in   2000.   So make sure your balance is enough to cover the burden of the tam transportation materials  later on. so that during the transaction there is no shortage.   In addition, the remaining credit after the transaction is at least  2000 thousand.

Carefully calculate the details and  requirements above  so that the  transaction process  is not prevented.   Pay attention to transactions that can be deemed high  ,  trying to adapt to the credit sent, don’t be too small because the fee is fairly high.   It   is  effectively done so that there is no extravagant.

 Telkomsel credit transfer  method using Dial Up

There are many ways to transfer  Telkomsel credit, one of which is by choosing a call menu or commonly called  dial up.   By using this menu, hopefully it can be convenient  and practical.   Of course, when there is no Internet network and connection  ,  this method is best suited to be used  .

The way to transfer telkomsel credit  is by opening the menu and phone number  *858#  and then calling.   Choose a number for credit transfers  .  Then fill in the end number for the recipient  ,  if you have filled the amount to send  .   After that, just wait for the delivery process  ,  confirm to the recipient.

Whether or not it has been accepted.  In addition, there is another codedial up  to process,  i.e. through *858* the delivery destination number *transfer nominal#.   Then press the call button, for example *858*081000000*45#. Later,  the confirmation message will be written with a balance of  45  thousand people sent to  0810000000.

Select Yes and then it has been processed and confirmed to the recipient whether it has been received.   It is enough to wait a while,  not long to complete the process. So it can be said that this method is practical and fast because it  can be used  even if there is an existing Internet connection.

 Telkomsel Credit Lewat SMS transfer method

In addition to the phone  or  call menu above, there is another way, i.e. through the SMS or Short Message Service.This method also requires costs such as the transfer process via a call up.   It’s just a different approach,  the first thing to do is open  the SMS menu.

If so, the  Telkomsel credit transfer method then type in a message column with TPULSA (space)  the amount of credit and send directly to the mobile phone number provided by the subsequent credit transfer results  .  For example, TPULSA 45  sends to 0810000000, which means the sender will send 45 thousand credit slips to 081000000.

If that’s the case, you will receive a confirmation reply,   if it is correct in the intended information and the name is  , confirm by replying “YES.”   The number  will be  successfully credited, also making sure by asking the recipient if a  certain percentage  of the balance is received.

This  Telkomsel credit transfer method  can be applied to entrepreneurs other than  Loop, AS and Simpati.   So  , this method is the only way you can send to a number with different suppliers  .   Of course, it is possible that this process will be longer than the supplier peers.

This method also does not require an internet  network and can be called in the old  way  either.   Just have to open the short message menu on your smartphone and type in the steps above  .  Don’t forget to pay attention to your end number so that you later don’t get it wrong when transferred.

 Telkomsel credit transfer  methodusing The App

The last way is the latest and most important.  That is, you can transact by sending a credit through a special application for  Telkomsel users, i.e. MyTelkomsel.  This approach certainly requires a stable Internet connection  . The first step   you have to take about how to transfer telkomsel credit is to install an application.

You can find this application on the Playstore or Appstore of your phone. Download and install it on your  smartphone, after which you can log in.  If you don’t have an account, you can register your  Telkomsel number directly on the application.   Just take a few steps to verify that a new account can be used.

Sign up immediately and click on  the “Send gift”  option and then immediately fill in the recipient’s number later  .   After that, select the “Credit” menu  and choose the appropriate balance amount. If later, all costs will be specified which will be reduced in the balance you have  .

So make sure the balance is not low when the transaction is done.  If the process of sending the credit using the above application has been completed and confirmed to the recipient to ensure that the balance delivery is completed  .  This  method  is called the most modern approach than the 2 above methods beforehand.

Using any important means, transfer goals are met and successful.  Just adjust to the situation and the situation that is going on  . And make sure every  exchange of destination numbers is correct so that it doesn’t send it  wrong later.  So choosing any  Telkomsel credit transfer method  is not a problem.

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