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Learn about the benefits of KFC Call Center Indonesia services for consumers


 KFC Call Center  services are currently still engaged in serving consumers, especially if there are any questions, criticisms or suggestions. It shows how they still maintain good relationships with consumers though sometimes the content is not good. In fact, they can continue to stand up and evolve because of customer criticism.


We already know that KFC originated in Uncle Sam’s country, the United States, but is now available in different parts of the world, including Indonesia. Because the development in Indonesia itself is quite special as it belongs to many important parties. The result is to improve all services including customer service.


Learn about the development of KFC in Indonesia


KFC was first set up in Indonesia in 1979 where the process of buying franchise shares to open restaurants was approved at that time. Jalan Melavai, DKI in October 1979, more concisely with the address of Jakarta Province. It became a milestone in the establishment of hundreds of shops on the island.


In fact, their carrier pt fast food is Indonesia Tbk as long as KFC products are sold in our country as the sole owner of this franchise. They were founded a year ago, in 1978, on the ownership of the Gaele family. This name is well-known, especially because there is an F2 driver of the same name, named Sean Gaelele.


At the time of the opening for the first time in Jakarta, there was a positive reaction from the public. This is evident from the large number of tourists who are ready to queue up to eat there. It then encouraged growth beyond several other major cities such as Semrang, Bandung, Surabaya, even islands such as Medan and Makassar.


If you ask KFC directly to the call center or their website, there’s also an explanation for the largest shareholders of all time.  In fact, in 1990, the Salim Group merged and owned more than 35% of the shares, while the Gael Group was about 44%, the rest of which was owned by the community as well as employees.


They have also joined the Indonesian stock exchange since 1993 so that the growth or growth of their shares accelerates. It is no surprise that now and so on it is possible that it will continue to be demanded by the people. The look of the restaurant in particular is good for its hobbyists along with the constant emergence of the latest food and beverage products.


Several of the best products of people’s favorites


For the best products, if you ask the KFC call center or your close friends, most of them will answer the fried chicken right away. In addition, you can choose from several different variants with unique features. The highest priority by customers is the type of crispy where the skin is very crispy but the flesh is very tender.


The characteristic feature of this type of meat can also be found in meat for the Zooper Crunch burger variant which is quite large in size with a peculiarity as does the taste of corn. Another Western food from KFC is spaghetti which is in great demand because it is cheap, even most shops sell less than Rp. 10,000.


If you want to feel the fried chicken variant with a different size and taste, you might be able to give the item a try. As the name suggests, this menu is actually served the same as pizza but the size is more mini. The advantage of this menu is to use boneless chicken meat so that it can be cut instantly without any worries.


Not only can we find western food menus here, but there are also japan’s especially banto and yakiniku variants. For bento products, this is preferred because there is a lot of rice and chicken, then the taste choice varies. Meanwhile, yakiniku is also suitable as the staple food as it makes our stomachs full.


Apart from this,  according to KFC,  there are also many unique call centers such as Twisty Fans. Mainly because it looks like a kebab and is easy to hold so it is comfortable to cut it. It is equipped with chicken meats and vegetables such as tomatoes and lettuce. If you want a snack that isn’t complicated, twist the answer.


Ordering food products is definitely not enough if you don’t order beverages. Where we can order good drinks like Mocha Float and Chokocha Float. The advantage of mocha float lies in adding ice cream along with its original chocolate flavor, while chococha is considered fresh due to its blend of green tea.


Use of KFC Call Center for Consumers


Kentucky Fried Chicken’s customer service has many great uses, one of which is as a bridge for responsive conversation with consumers. Not only about the complaints, but the CS is also able to provide customers with a lot of information so that they know what is needed. As a result the company will be considered very professional.


The KFC call centre is actually in charge of marketing products which are known to more customers. Employees have been equipped with product knowledge training so that they are able to explain all services or products to consumers. This includes that if there is one type of promo that we don’t understand, they can easily explain.


It has also been included in telemarketing, where apart from explaining this they will encourage customers to motivate. As a result, sales or marketing of a product will increase. It is no surprise that companies dare to spend large amounts of investment for the sake of training employees to work better.


If employees are able to work well, the restaurant is more effective at working so that there are no mistakes in the future. Later employees with the task of serving the same relationship between customers and employees of general KFC restaurants have their own work and do not interfere with each other’s performance in any way.


Using customer service then enables us as consumers to easily access restaurants owned by Kentucky Fried Chicken Indonesia. In addition, communication through telephone media can spread one of the company’s outlet locations in an area of the island.


If you are interested in contacting customer service, you  can immediately call the number from the KFC Call Center at the 08071677777. All complaints or comments will be heard so that it becomes a good response for both parties. If the phone is busy, users can also contact 081210005050 number using SMS media.


Different types of KFC’s best services in Indonesia


In addition to the features as a KFC call center, it turns out that there are many other services that we can use as customers, for example online delivery. If you do not want to go to the restaurant, you can use the delivery service to contact 14022 immediately. The order will be dispatched immediately for not using it for a long time so that it is still hot.


Please note, before calling this service, make sure the sender is aware of the location of the delivery. If the address is not reached, the process of ordering food through delivery orders is difficult. In addition, delivery is intended in the form of fast food or drink.


In addition to the delivery order, it turns out that this fast food restaurant already has an online ordering service. Of course, this is different from the company’s delivery order as it collaborates with online motorcycle taxis. Therefore, contacting him  cannot go  to the KFC call center but through online OJEC applications such as Go-Jack or Grab.


Finally, there is a drive-through service, which is where we can order food in a street without leaving the car. We cannot get this service at all outlets, but only in big cities. You can find KFC Drive Thras in DKI Jakarta, Tangerang and Bali.


The restaurant’s long history in Indonesia has proved that dining out with people nearby can be the best option. Moreover, it is always known to have the latest products or promos that are beneficial to us as customers. In addition,  there is  a KFC call center service  so that it can help us in many ways.

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