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Holidaying in Japan is a dream of many who want to learn the culture and culture of Japanese society, but JRES travel You must know that it is recommended to seek the help of the Department of Dentistry, especially to eastern Japan, especially Tokyo, Shibuya and Yoji.

But before that you should know what the JapanEse railway tourism industry really is, in general, it is part of a railway company in Japan And there is a measure of convenience for tourists who want to use public transport in the form of a Shinkansen high-speed train or normal railway.

If you would like to visit somewhere in Japan, you should use the services of the JR East Tourism Department to travel by  using rail transportation. The trains on the trains actually cover the whole city towards the end of Japan, as we know if public transport will actually be the main public transport.

For general information, Japan Rail Travel is one of the state-owned state-owned companies, focused primarily on the field of rail transport, state One of the pai state-owned companies: Meanwhile , Japan Railway East Centre itself to help tourists when they wish to travel using public rail transport It is a separate piece intended.

How to use the services of the Japan Rail Services Department

To use this, you must first book a travel ticket to Japan with the coverage area you want to visit. You can  visit the official website of the Eastern Tourism Center or also order third-party Japanese travel services in Indonesia.

Later, while in Japan, you will find some information for permits and sign-ups, and there are plenty of privileged options when booking overseas tours such as regular privileges or premium privilege services.

Two special permits have their actions and uses when overseas, including Japan.  There is the privilege of using public rail transport with initial fares when paying for train tickets for tourists for 6 days afterwards.

The performance of the card is a privilege for tourists to use trains and to visit eastern Japanese cities. As the name suggests, in the eastern Japan Railways, you are in the eastern part of Japan. There is a range of transportation privileges in eastern Japan that can be operated by train, usually used to visit Tokyo or Shibuya Japan.

Previously, after booking all the privileges of tourist services in Japan in advance, when the payment for cruises was completed, an e-mail or courier-to-exchange application When you   visit the JR East Tourism Center, you need to know that it is  very important to use an exchange order in Japan later.

Exchange order list for transportation privileges

Before visiting Japan, don’t forget  to update all the important personal information required such as passports  and exchange orders. usually In exchange for rail transportation rights, it can be found at an airport with a representative or administrative staff of the Japan Railway Tourism Industry Department.

But before that, a stamp shape or immigration official’s office is ya in the form of a stamp, commonly  referred to as a temporary visitor using a passport The stamp of a temporary  visitor tent is  used for the collection of data of the  JR East Tourism Center   In terms of the rights received  , it will be used to further manage.

When you want to find a tourism center office, you should use a map or ask the official about the location of the nearest Japanese railway service office. Of course, the port has a Japanese railway branch office for a special purpose in helping every tourist who wants to travel to the Cherry Flower Country of Japan.

When you find the nearest Japanese railway branch office, why not with  tourists previously prepared to obtain privileges from the JRES  Tourism  Department? Use temporary visitors or temporary guests of exchange orders, but keep in mind that this privilege can only be used for rail transportation in parts of eastern Japan.

This privilege cannot be used for rail transport in western areas such as Hokido Japan, but you only use Eastern Rail public transport privileges This is a goal for many publications to view tourist pictures in eastern Japan.

Attractions to visit eastern Japan

The first is the Tokyo building town that has become a tourist landmark of the best playground in Tokyo. For its own location, the Tokyo home city is located near the Sudobashi station of the JapanEse railway line.

In addition to the playgrounds, Tsuruga Castle, which has become an ideal destination for tourists wanting to enjoy the Museum of Japanese History in the royal style of the Shogunate Edo era With history known for Samurai’s courage in a great war, Tsurga’s castle became the site of the last castle at that time.

To be able to visit Tsuruga Castle, you can take a bus from The Isau Wakamatsu station aimed at Kitadimaru-Odoi. With the help of JR East tourism departments, you will see thousands of cherry trees growing near the castle, as well as being  used as a museum.

In addition to museums and playgrounds, you can also visit Tobu Zoo, which has 120 species of animals. It only takes about a 10-minute walk from N station, and Tobu Park also offers full leisure areas such as playgrounds and swimming pools.

Specific reasons why you should use Japanese rail travel

With the help of  JRES tourism departments, you will be able to easily visit every tourist attraction in eastern Japan. Having privileges will make travel more comfortable, especially with the privileges provided by Japan Rail Travel.

In fact, in addition to the Japanese railways in eastern Japan, there are other branches that care for tourism in western Japan. Of course, there are a wide variety of privileges and benefits in the policy of the work, and many people are satisfied when traveling in Cherry’s country in Japan.

Because of the presence of public transport for tourists, beauty and attractive tourist images are easy to visit. Availability is a benefit of Japanese tourism, which includes the JR East Tourism Center, which is key to the convenience of travel in  eastern Japan.


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